Thursday, September 16, 2010

Work experience for Queensland ministers

What is the ministers’ work? In general, ministers are representatives of the voters to a parliament and their work is to look after the welfare of the voters. However, the problem is that do they actually know what the ordinary people need? This comes with a programme that launched by the Queensland government recently. In this programme, the ministers will work as an ordinary worker such as housekeeper, abattoir worker and prison social worker. This programme aimed to provide opportunity to the ministers to better understand their portfolios. Jobs to be trialled range from working at small businesses, to factory work and public service jobs. The works distributed includes the following:

Premier - hospital orderly

Deputy Premier and Health Minister - canteen waiters

Public Works Minister - short order cook

Emergency Service Minister - ambulance patient transport officer

Disability Services Minister - teacher

Transport Minister and Primary Industries Minister - abattoir workers

Main Roads Minister - road worker

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